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Understanding the NCC 2022 and How to apply AS3740 - 2021


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Take the guesswork out of it and stay on track with the new changes to the National Construction Code and waterproofing standards – Industry Best Construction, in partnership with Waterproof

Join our online Wednesday events starting August 21st for four weeks.

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Amazing course! The clear and detailed information was excellent. This course should be compulsory for all involved builders and contractors to turn the industry around.

Matt DowdyDowdy Constructions

Thank you and the entire team for the great material presented. Very much appreciated! Today will be our last session of this outstanding course and every time you clarified professionally, there were lots of ambiguities related to both the AS and NCC vs. industry practice. I will use the additional knowledge gained from this course to educate others and implement it when necessary. People working within my circle know well that I am a very technical person, and so into details. I like to understand every aspect of each trade in depth. You checked all the boxes in this course. At Decode, we seek perfection, and since the early inception of the DBP Act, we have taken all our practices to another level and are still aiming for the better. Thanks for sharing your experience and adding knowledge to many, as this is ultimately changing a whole industry mindset. Keep going and thanks to everyone joining this mission and making our industry a better one.

Ramzi HoteitDecode (Head of Design and Compliance)