Develop yourself and your team

Trades have instant, easy access to building standards and can show quality progress on their work in real time.

Project managers can track progress, identify issues immediately and prevent minor issues becoming major defects.

Support trades onsite with the right tool to deliver high quality projects.

Drive seamless quality from the field – giving everyone the tools to succeed

IBC helps build professionals onsite to manage their compliance and documentation obligations.

Feel confident you have all the quality documentation needed to ensure your work stands up to the toughest scrutiny.

Build a reputation as a supplier of choice - who delivers customer satisfaction first time – every time.

Why choose IBC?

We offer peace of mind… Builders, trades and associated stakeholders have everything they need to ensure the job is done right – first time … every time.

IBC is built to:

save you time and money
address quality at the root cause
reduce defects and rework
develop trades to be their best
eliminate poor practice short-cuts
promote quality and pride in work onsite
improve standards through repetitious learning

Get started. Become a part of the IBC success story.

A holistic portfolio - at your fingertips

Equip your business with the tools to ensure quality at your worksite.


QA/Checklist Library

Generate own reports anytime

Secure Data Storage

Create and clone jobs fast

Sign-off hold points

User-friendly dashboard

Instant job updates

Photo gallery evidence

Who is it for?


Project Managers

Site Supervisors

Building Designers & Consultants


Waterproofing designers & consultants

Product Manufacturers

Building Surveyor

Asset Managers

Facilities Services