Training Testimonials

Byron did well to help us understand and navigate the detailed requirements. Well worth it. Well done.

Nick Kyriazis Lynx Maintenance Services Pty Ltd

Great course and content. A must for any waterproofing contractor, builder, or inspector.

Jeff BeckJWB and Associates

Very informative. A wealth of knowledge.

Andy KouimtzisTiler

Thank you for creating this course. I'm a DB-U and Industry Trainer in Diploma and Cert IV, in Building and Construction. It's refreshing to find someone who is passionate about their trade and willing to share their knowledge. It's also great to get clarity on the discrepancies between codes and standards and what I ``thought I knew``. Your candid revelations about mistakes you've made because you ``didn't know`` at the time resonated with me. Fortunately, I've only had a couple of minor failures that needed rectification. Keep up the great work, your efforts are appreciated.

Doug Elliott

Amazing course! The clear and detailed information was excellent. This course should be compulsory for all involved builders and contractors to turn the industry around.

Matt DowdyDowdy Constructions

A really great course. I’ve learned a lot and would recommend this to anyone.

Michael SweeneyFCTA

What a great way to educate trades and professionals. I was confused when trying to understand the standards; this sheds so much light on items that I believe are crucial in the industry.

Martin StefaniukMTS Plumbing and Gas Service

Thank you and the entire team for the great material presented. Very much appreciated! Today will be our last session of this outstanding course and every time you clarified professionally, there were lots of ambiguities related to both the AS and NCC vs. industry practice. I will use the additional knowledge gained from this course to educate others and implement it when necessary. People working within my circle know well that I am a very technical person, and so into details. I like to understand every aspect of each trade in depth. You checked all the boxes in this course. At Decode, we seek perfection, and since the early inception of the DBP Act, we have taken all our practices to another level and are still aiming for the better. Thanks for sharing your experience and adding knowledge to many, as this is ultimately changing a whole industry mindset. Keep going and thanks to everyone joining this mission and making our industry a better one.

Ramzi HoteitDecode (Head of Design and Compliance)

The course overall was very informative and well-presented. I learned a lot about applying AS3740-2021 and understanding the NCC 2022. There was a lot to take in, but by reviewing the recordings frequently, I'm sure I'll gain a greater understanding and ability to assess works onsite for better compliance and long-term builds. Thank you again, Byron, and everyone involved in running the course.

Colin JewellJewell Builders

Great job, Byron. You succeeded in teaching me something new; I passed the week 4 assessment on the first try. Yes, there's a lot to take in. As usual, it's all about documenting procedures to be recalled in case of disputes or waterproofing failures resulting in leaks. As you said, the NCC and AS are a minimum guide to waterproofing. Until we get everyone educated, we'll have anyone doing waterproofing, and their certificates will be worthless. It's got to be a licensed professional with qualifications and a specialized trade. You've taught this builder of 40 years what to look for in waterproofing. I'm concerned that what I've seen on jobs doesn't comply and will possibly fail in the future. Moving forward, I'll pass this knowledge onto as many as will listen. I feel the current multi-reference standards and procedures are problematic and confusing and must be seen as part of the waterproofing problem. But great job, you taught an old dog new tricks.

Mark TelferRenDwell Building Solutions