Industry Best Construction

Quality Assurance Software

Build a culture of quality from the ground up

Ensure your construction team are on the same page.
Take control of your end-to-end Quality Assurance solution.

  • Reduce building and wet area defects
  • Say goodbye to non-complaint issues
  • Increase business profitability and quality
  • Support trades to deliver high quality projects

Communicate across all levels to produce a Quality build

Support trades onsite with the right tool to deliver high quality projects.

Drive quality from the ground up – ensuring you get the job done right … first time, every time.

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Why IBC?

Eliminate QA paperwork and replace with easy-to-access virtual data to save time and money.
Make complex construction manageable, from design to handover.

Use the platform to:

  • Track job details
  • Collect & retrieve evidence
  • Communicate in real time
  • Check product information against building codes
  • Produce clear, professional reports at any time.
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Our story

For years I worked onsite as a tradie and then ran a business employing other tradies.

I struggled to find a way to ensure all my trades were working to the minimum quality standard I expected on a job.

This is how Industry Best Construction digital was born.

I want our industry to be proud of the work they do and our customers to have peace of mind they are getting a quality job.

We’ve built a quality assurance platform to stop quality issues at their core – to stop Australia’s Building pandemic.

Byron Landeryou, Founder & CEO


“I can easily manage quality with IBC to over 100 new jobs every month and my guys are learning on the job”
Michael HummelMD - Sure Seal Waterproofing
“I would like to thank IBC for such an amazing simple tool that assists us to create a professional step by step full report on our bathroom builds which gives us and our clients piece of mind. We can reference back to any stage completed in the build for many years to come ... love it love it!”
Dave SmithDirector, Peninsula Contemporary Bathrooms
``IBC is a useful platform for managing the day to day running of our business. It provides the tools to keep track of past and current jobs, while managing quality control and standards. The web app is simple to navigate and creating new jobs is quick and easy.``
Claire ParryAdministration, Sure Seal Waterproofing.
“We were resistant to bringing new software into the business as we felt we were operating as efficiently as we could be but the integration of IBC and the ease of use for our project and site teams has been a huge surprise to us. We have integrated it into every facet of the site process and manage our Quality and higher-level programming and document control. This is a very user-friendly system, and we are excited to become experts in its use and really get the most out of what it offers”
Brad JonesGeneral Manager - DS Projects

Get started. Discover the IBC advantage.

No hidden set-up costs

IBC is a cost-effective platform to help close the gaps in industry training, alleviate mistakes and assist with meeting compliance.
Access a live retrievable history of your projects.
Monthly Yearly

Pay for what you use no extra fees!

We’re here to help you increase your business profitability with a pricing structure that works for you – billed monthly or yearly.

Admin (Desktop)
$60 $30 $360
Pilot Price (til 31 December, 2023)
Admin license (for desk-top use)
Free trial period available
No initial set-up fee*
Unlimited number of users
Purpose built Quality Assurance plans
3rd party expert consultancy options
$20 $10 $120
Pilot Price (til 31 December, 2023)
Mobile license (for mobile phone use)
Free trial period available
No initial set-up fee*
Unlimited number of users
Purpose built Quality Assurance plans
3rd party expert consultancy options