Fifty per cent of Victoria’s apartment owners live in faulty homes

Here are the article’s main findings:

As stated in this article published in The Age, more than 50 per cent of Victorian apartment owners reported that they live in homes with building defects, according to a new survey of 3,593 people by Australian Apartment Advocacy. 

  • Water penetration from outside, poor waterproofing, defective plumbing and structural cracking were among the most-common defects.
  • The survey found that resolving these issues was complicated, time-consuming and exhausting, with just 16 per cent of recipients reporting that someone had accepted responsibility for all their defects.
  • But Mason Schulze, the director of 1300 Find Leak, said he inspects properties with waterproofing issues at least twice a week.
  • An expert panel appointed by the state government has finished the first stage of its review of the Victorian building system, but the findings have not yet been made public.
  • One affected apartment owner has spent $1500 on mould and leak assessments and making her apartment mould-safe, which has involved taping large sheets of plastic along the carpet beneath her windows and on her ceiling.

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