Bridging the Gap Between Product Warranty and On-Site Installation

In a recent statement posted on LinkedIn, David Chandler, the NSW Building Commissioner, shed light on a critical issue plaguing the construction industry: the gap between factory-made products and compliant on-site installation. He remarked, ‘’Our experience is that there is a long way between the factory product and compliant installation on-site. Manufacturers do not take responsibility for the installed product. In fact, products quickly void their warranties if strict adherence to specifications does not occur.’’ This observation, echoed by Omesh Jethwani of the Master Builders Association of New South Wales, underscores the challenges faced by manufacturers when warranting their products post-installation.

The journey from factory to installation site poses numerous hurdles, particularly in adhering to specifications and installation guidelines. Value engineering, a common practice in commercial building projects, often leads to alterations in specifications, making it difficult for manufacturers to ensure their products are installed correctly. This discrepancy between what is specified and what is actually installed creates a significant risk for manufacturers, as non-compliance with installation guidelines can void warranties and compromise product integrity.

This is where Industry Best steps in as a game-changer. Our Quality Assurance platform provides real-time visibility into on-site installations, empowering manufacturers to monitor and guide the installation  process remotely. Whether it’s their own installers or subcontractors, manufacturers can now ensure that their products are being installed in accordance with guidelines, maximising the value of warranties and guaranteeing product performance.

By bridging the gap between product warranty and on-site installation, Industry Best offers a solution that assists manufacturers, installers, and all stakeholders involved in the construction process. Using Industry Best, manufacturers can overcome the challenges of post-installation warranty issues, ensuring that their products deliver on their promise of quality and reliability.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, embracing tools like Industry Best becomes imperative for achieving quality outcomes and fostering trust and confidence in the built environment.

By Craig C